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What is stockmanship and why is it important to think about while raising cattle? Read this blog to find out!

Learn about how cattle are raise in Arizona. Photo by Sarah King.

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A recipe so easy, a college student loves to make it: Easy Roast Beef Potluck Rolls.

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Bass and Anna Aja talked with Arizona Beef Council intern Celia about family values and how agriculture helps with those lessons.

Be ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this recipe round up.

I consider myself fortunate to have been raised in the farming and ranching community. Growing up, I’ve watched this group of people that grow and raise our country’s food do so with dedication and passion for the land they care for, the animals they are raising, and the people they are feeding. My family runs an agritourism farm and cattle ranch called Mortimer Farms and Ranches in Dewey, Arizona. I get to… Read More

Beef Councils from across the country offer tour to Art Institute culinary instructors.

You can always come back but you can’t always leave. Amber Morin, Arizona rancher, gives us her thoughts on the urban agriculture divide and why we are more alike than different.