Exclusive First Look: On the Road With Arizona Beef

As a perk for our blog readers, we are offering an exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak peek look at a special video project we are working on! Lauren, Tiffany, and Ben Spitzer of Silo & Co Productions, just finished up traveling 469 miles in two days to capture the vast amount of knowledge Arizona beef farmers and ranchers have to share with the families who enjoy a delicious steak and want to know how it was raised.

The Arizona Beef Council is dedicated to sharing the story of Arizona Beef. We like to watch the short videos on Facebook and Instagram just as much as the next person, so this project seemed like the perfect way to expand our reach! Enjoy these photos from the trip and be sure to check back soon!

Special thanks to Dr. Sam Garcia of the University of Arizona Food Product and Safety Lab, Dean Fish of the Sante Fe Ranch, The Bell Family of ZZ Cattle Co., The McGibbon Family of the Santa Rita Ranch, Bass Aja of Pinal Feeding Co., and Wes Kerr of Kerr Dairy for your hospitality and willingness to share your knowledge with us! And of course, thank you to Ben Spitzer of Silo and Co Productions for your creativity, knowledge, and patience.





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