The Beef on 2017: Top Ten Most Read Arizona Beef Blog Posts

Lots of great stories were shared in 2017 here on the Arizona Beef blog ranging from delicious beef recipes to family stories of our Arizona beef ranchers and farmers. Here is a round-up of the top ten blog posts you enjoyed reading the most this past year. Take a moment to give them another read or if you didn’t get a chance to when they were originally published, now you can catch up with the times. Here’s to a great year of storytelling and to another year of amazing stories to share with you all!

10th Most Read Blog Post:

Meet Your Ranchers: Joe and Sarah King


The 9th Most Read Blog Post:

The Congratulatory Slap


8th Most Read:

Meet Your Dairyman: Mark Rovey

Healthy Cows

7th Most Read:

Ranchin’ and Rodeoin’: The Tale of the Parsons Fathers


6th Most Read:

Meet Your Rancher: Dr. Sam Garcia and Family


5th Most Read:

Meet Your Rancher: The Menges Family

Jan 1 2015 from camera 086

4th Most Read:

Meet Your Rancher: Jim and Jeanne O’Haco

Jim O'Haco_Kathy McCraine

3rd Most Read:

Booke’s Spicy Beef Stir Fry


2nd Most Read:

10 Life Lessons Herd from the Ranch


And our most read blog post of 2017 goes to:

Meet Your Rancher: Dan Bell


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