Red, White and BBQ

The simple initials B, B and Q mean nothing individually, but, when joined together, magic happens. Taste buds start salivating, nose hairs do a little dance at the smell of wood burning and the tickle of smoke, and the stickiness of a tantalizing sauce is felt on one’s fingertips.

Something about summer and the blistering temperatures told us we needed more BBQ in our lives. And, when it comes to food, we don’t need much convincing.

So, off to taste test Phoenix’s BBQ joints we go!

First stop: Little Miss BBQ.


Little Miss BBQ is a little like a trip to Disneyland. It requires a little planning but the experience is worth it and you’ll leave with a smile. They open at 11:00am but BBQ lovers start lining up by 10:00am to ensure a plate of food and a parking spot because once they’re out – they’re out. We arrived at 10:10 and, due to the 110+ degree weather, were handed tickets to hold our place in line, two cold bottles of water, and we were able to wait in our air-conditioned car until a few minutes before opening time.

7 & 8 in line. Cold water and misters to keep us comfortable.

Then the angels sang and the door opened and we stepped into a BBQ lover’s heaven: menu handwritten on butcher paper, smoked meats sold by the pound, savory sides, and a meat cutter handing out burnt ends {drool}.


We got lucky and happened to visit on pastrami day (Thursday). We ordered the fatty brisket and pastrami (because beef, of course) but y’all (we were from the South as soon as the brisket touched our lips), EVERYTHING is delicious. Go all the way and also get a smoked pecan pie.


We could rave on and on, but we’ll let this video of “cutting” the brisket with a fork speak for itself:

Cheers, Lauren and Tiffany

4 thoughts on “Red, White and BBQ

  • Here is a copy of the review I posted a few months ago. For the record, I have done professional food reviews for the last 17 years.
    Now this is real barbecue!! Companion and I arrived at 10:30 and got into the line that had already formed. At 11:30 we made our way to the counter. It was well worth the wait.

    While in line we got to smell the wonderful smell of real Texas style barbecue, and the rumbling of our stomachs told us in advance that it was going to be good. Two huge smokers were busy smoking our lunch meats.

    You can order a sandwich or you can order by the fraction of a pound. We chose to order by the fraction of a pound, and the cutter brought out a tray with a piece of butcher paper on it. This is the same way you will get your cue in Texas. First up was some fatty brisket. It looked wonderful. Because this was a Thursday, they also had Pastrami available. Some sausage and some turkey as well as 2 ribs also found its way onto my tray. For sides I had the cole slaw and the beans. Each item is weighed as it is put onto your tray and you pay the per pound price for each cut. White bread is available as are assorted condiments and pickles.

    We found a free table and proceeded to feast. The brisket was beautifully tender with a nice smoke ring and good flavor from the rub. I probably should have stopped there, but next up was the pastrami. I should mention that I love pastrami and haven’t had really good stuff since my last visit to New York. My craving has now been satisfied. Wonderfully tender and flavorful pastrami. Next was some turkey. I don’t know how they accomplished it, but the breast meat was juicy and tender as well as full flavored. Next came the sausage. It was a bit spicy, but had lots of juice coming out of it. Last of the meats was the ribs. This for me was my only disappointment because the meat was about falling off the bones. I prefer my ribs to have a bit of tooth to them so that there is something to chew one. The cole slaw was about average, but the beans were dynamite! Probably the very best beans I have ever eaten in my life. They were flavored with big hunks of yesterdays brisket. Companions only complaint was that I never shared any of the beans or even came up for air.

    While they serve all types of drinks, I opted for a bottle of ice cold water which went perfectly with the food.

    For those who are not purists, home made sauces were available on the table, but I must confess that I didn’t even bother to taste them because the cue was so good.

    Good cue is made from fine meat, and is not cheap. You should expect to pay at least $15 per person for your food, and for a big tray like I had expect to pay around $35, but it is well worth it and can be shared between 2 people.

    Perhaps the only drawback is that the place is so small, but I understand they will be looking for a second location soon. Parking can be a little rough, but with a member of the family directing traffic I was amazed how many cars they managed to park.

    It doesn’t get any better than this. 5 stars

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