Beef and Wine: A Classic Match

Beef and wine have an undeniable affinity for one another. The profound, meaty, complex, rich flavor of beef is complemented by a beverage that’s equally complex, savory and delicious. Nothing fits the bill better than wine. There’s also the all-important issue of texture. Mouth filling concentrated wines provide just the right counterbalance to beef’s dense texture. Like the perfect gastronomic seesaw, a sip of wine makes you want another bite of beef, and a bite of beef makes you want a sip of wine.

There are wine and beef pairings for every taste and preference. From a full red which pairs perfectly with prime rib to a sweet white which combines with stir-fry or Thai inspired dishes, you can find a combination to fit even the most discerning palate. Below is a list of our favorite recipes which require wine, be that in a glass at the dinner table or as an ingredient, with a few sips stolen while you cook it up.


Perfect Pot Roast by The Pioneer Woman
The cooking guru herself admits on this recipe that the perfect pot roast is hard to come by. This method gives you the secrets to preparing this mythical dish correctly every time.

the-braxton-22rub22-your-meat-will-thank-you-4The Best Meat Rub and Beef Tenderloin Recipe: The “Braxton” by Fantabulosity
An extra special night deserves an extra special cut of beef, and the tenderloin is that cut. Jessica at Fantabulosity has got you covered with the perfect way to prepare this yummy cut, and a glass of full red wine is the cherry on top.

Braised Short Ribs by Anne Burrell
Because these are always a huge hit and you need a recipe to guide you down the right path.

Wine-Marinated Grilled Flank Steak by Beef It’s What’s for Dinner
What better combination is there. Some wine, a grill, and beef? None. There is no better trio. Be sure to serve it with a medium red wine.

3-simple-steps-for-stir-frying-13 Simple Steps for Stir-Frying Beef 

In only 3 easy steps you have a stir-fry fit for an emperor. This meal pairs perfectly with a glass of sweet white wine.

For more information on beef and wine pairings visit our website for a complete guide. Good luck and as Julia Child always said, “I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food.” Happy cooking!

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