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Monthly Archives: July 2016

We are pleased to re-blog this great post from Kids, Cows, and Grass in its entirety, with Debbie’s permission. Kids, Cows, and Grass is written by Debbie Lyons-Blythe, a cattle rancher in central Kansas, in the heart of the Flint Hills. Her blog is a wealth of information about how she and her family raise cattle. If you don’t already follow her, we highly suggest you do! Now on to your regularly… Read More

The long days of summer are well under way and we know how hard it can be to stay motivated during this time of the year. Check out our top five ways to stay healthy and in shape when just the thought of going outside makes you cringe. Don’t Hike Camelback (or Any Other Trail in the Warm Part of Arizona) During the Middle of the Day in the Summer We all… Read More

It’s no secret that the agriculture world is changing. What was once predominantly considered a male occupation is quickly becoming a women’s world. As of 2012, there were close to 970,000 female farmers and ranchers in the United States.  That means that over 30% of all agriculture producers across the country are women! Another statistic that might throw you for a loop; the majority of that group resides in either Texas OR… Read More

An often unknown segment of the food business involves distribution. How does food get from one place to another? From whom do restaurants buy food? By a foodservice distributor, that’s how! The Arizona Beef Council is fortunate to work with Arizona food distributors for educational opportunities to further educate chefs and restaurateurs about beef and how it is raised in Arizona. Meet Brent Olsen, US Foods Arizona, whose job is to connect… Read More

Back in 2010, Lady Gaga put on an entire dress made of meat for the MTV Video Music Awards. She had her own reasons for it (and it actually wasn’t to put down animal agriculture) but little did she know; she wasn’t the first person to wear a meat dress! The first meat dress appearance happened here, in Arizona, at the Arizona National Livestock Show, an annual event featuring youth from around… Read More