Fresh Cut Friday: The Flat Iron Steak

Basically, me (Tiffany) when I talk about the Flat Iron.

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we love a catchy phrase, so this week we are implementing another one. Fresh Cut Friday won’t be every week, but when something fresh and fun pops up, we’ll talk about it. This week’s feature is one of my all-time favorites. By favorites, I mean talk-about-it-as-often-as-possible-with-whoever-will-listen-long-enough-to-hear-about-it favorite.

The Flat Iron. A cut which is shrouded in mystery and misnomers and might be met with blank stares when you ask for it at your local butcher counter, but one which should not be missed. This cut of beef, which is from the chuck, is an oxymoron. If you know anything about beef and the cuts that come from the beef animal, you know cuts from the chuck are known for their lack of tenderness. But then you have the Flat Iron. It’s not tough, in fact, it is the second most tender cut of beef in the
ENTIRE animal. Yup, that’s right. Right after the tenderloin, the known ruler of beef, sits our lowly, straight from the chuck, Flat Iron.

That blank stare I previously mentioned.

This cut was first introduced in 2002 and didn’t gain much notoriety until 2008. Even still, it’s a cut which is often impersonated (meaning it’s not cut the proper way) or simply isn’t even known but things are looking up! The Flat Iron, also known as the Top Blade steak, is cut from deep inside the shoulder muscle (aka the chuck), and was used as roasts or ground beef. If you’re a beef nerd, similar to myself, and want to know how to cut this thing at home, check out this video.

This area of the animal is flavorful and juicy, but it had a flaw. A big ol’ piece of connective tissue running straight through the middle. By realizing the simple removal of the connective tissues created two pieces of beef which encompassed the great attributes offered in this area of the animal which offering an easier eating experience, we ended up with another delicious cut of beef which can be afforded by an average family.

ojitoHow do you cook this thing? One of my most favorite recipes is the Cowboy Coffee Rub . First of all, it’s easy. And quick. Bonus, you get a slight caffeine rush, depending on what sort of coffee you use, after eating so you are ready to do those dishes! Often times, I will have leftovers so I save it for lunch and put it on a bed of greens for lunch the next day.

There are MANY ways to cook this delicious piece of beef so be sure to check out more recipes on Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. Trust me, once you try this cut, it’ll be hard for you to cook anything else!

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