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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Valentine’s Day and Heart Month make such a cute couple, don’t you think? New evidence shows lean beef and heart healthy diets go pretty well together, too. In a new study published in the January 2017 issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Wayne Campbell, PhD, professor of nutrition science at Purdue University, and his research team conducted a review and analysis of 24 clinical trials on daily red meat intake and… Read More

Beef and wine have an undeniable affinity for one another. The profound, meaty, complex, rich flavor of beef is complemented by a beverage that’s equally complex, savory and delicious. Nothing fits the bill better than wine. There’s also the all-important issue of texture. Mouth filling concentrated wines provide just the right counterbalance to beef’s dense texture. Like the perfect gastronomic seesaw, a sip of wine makes you want another bite of beef,… Read More

There are many ways one can buy great beef – from large warehouse clubs to a neighborhood grocery store, directly from a rancher or from a local butcher. We visited with Bret Pont of Hobe Meats in Phoenix to gain perspective about what it’s like to be a smaller butcher shop and meat market, and what services are offered to customers. Arizona Beef Council: Hi Bret! How long have you been in the… Read More

The Arizona National Livestock Show (ANLS) is an event rich in history with its first organizational meeting taking place in 1948. Throughout the years, ANLS has morphed into different things for different folks. Some people see it as a family vacation, as the time of year in which the show takes place offers a break from school and work. The Arizona weather, which is far better than in snow ridden parts of… Read More