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Monthly Archives: January 2017

We’ve learned that, due to cattle’s unique ruminant digestive system, they can eat a variety of feeds that humans cannot, converting them into high-quality beef and milk. To learn about the variety of feed ingredients available in Arizona, we first visited a dairy, then a ranch, and now we explore the diet at an Arizona cattle feed yards. Wyatt Scott, of Pinal Feeding Co., showed us the ingredients in their cattle feed…. Read More

What do beef and beer have in common? They are a delicious pairing, of course. However, they are even better friends than that. Cattle can eat the leftovers from the beer making process and they find it delicious and no, they don’t get drunk. “Spent grains,” the by-products from the production of beer, are what is left over after the mash is cooked and the “wort” (liquid) is extracted. The sugars go… Read More

Cattle are fascinating animals. Not only do they provide beef, milk, and by-products, but they also are fantastic recyclers and convert feed that is most-times not suitable for human consumption. The bovine digestive system is not like the human monogastric (single-chambered) stomach. Cattle are ruminants, meaning their stomach has four unique compartments. These forage-consuming species, along with sheep, goats, buffalo, elk, giraffes and camels, rely on a microbe-based process to digest feed… Read More

New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, and the common goal is to lose weight or to get in better shape. While these are both worthy goals, we think focusing more on the actual nutrition you give you body will work better towards any goal of being healthier in 2017. Research continues to show one of the most important nutrients when it comes to muscle growth, and weight loss is protein. Getting… Read More