5 Great Appetizers to Keep Your Guests From Getting Hangry

Days of celebration with loved ones are upon us. While we enjoy the closeness of family and friends, entertaining and keeping those close people happy can pose challenging at times. So while your roast is in the oven cooking away, whip up a few appetizers to keep the hangry people happy and cheerful. We’ve listed five of our favorite appetizers for your easy access.


Beef and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

These bad boys tell your guests you slaved over the oven to make them, but you didn’t! Let them be fooled while they enjoy these little delights before dinner. Recipe from Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.

cheesy-pesto-crack-bread-5-copyCheesy Pesto Crack Bread

It’s cheesy. It’s carby. And it’s a hands-on experience. What more could you want out of a delicious appetizer?! Thanks to our friends over at I Wash… You Dry for this delicious idea!

pretzel-snack-mix-2Pretzel Snack Mix

Something easy, but equally delicious and easy to snack on. This will keep anyone from asking, “Is dinner ready yet?” Recipe by the talented Kristine in between.

img_9176editSlow Cooker Cocktail Meatballs

If you want to be guaranteed you are cooking with a good recipe, then you grab one from Damn Delicious. She doesn’t disappoint with these Cocktail Meatballs!


Beef and Couscous Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers

Though they may be little, they are mighty! Guests should be encouraged to have more than one and you can always offer up the secret of their nutrition content at the same time. These little guys are only 50 calories a piece and chocked full of zinc, iron, and protein! Recipe from Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.

From everyone here at the Arizona Beef office, we want to wish everyone a great holiday season. And we sincerely hope, we’ve helped to take some stress off your plate with this list of goodies!


Aspiring Chefs Learn Beef from Gate to Plate

Gate to Plate April 2016_Heidens 1.jpgThe buzz of tour day was in the air this past spring at the University of Arizona’s Maricopa Extension. The buzzing people were 24 culinary students and Chef Chris Wolf, who serves as their instructor at the Arizona Culinary Institute. “At the Arizona Culinary Institute we cover the full spectrum of culinary education, including meat fabrication, so our students are definitely being exposed to various beef, pork, lamb, and poultry cuts already during their time here at school. Our students are generally very excited to broaden their culinary education in any way possible, and the interest in attending this event was amazing. I actually had a WAITING LIST of students to come on the tour. They all had a great time,” reported Chef Wolf when asked about the Institute and their interest in the tour. These students all voluntarily signed up to spend a day learning about the beef lifecycle from a firsthand perspective.

As the day unfolded, with an introduction and high-level overview of the entire beef lifecycle from staff, it was clear there were striking similarities between these students and Arizona beef farmers and ranchers. Both groups are incredibly passionate about what they do. Common ground was easily found after that realization.


The group toured the JBS – Tolleson plant with Bill Munns, Director of Marketing and Product Management, which gave the students a much better understanding of how a large beef plant works and the high level of safety and science which goes into it. A visit with Paul Heiden at Heiden Land and Cattle was next, providing a better look at the live side of the producing beef. Important discussions continued on many subjects including animal handling and care, water issues, and the controversial topics of antibiotic and growth-promoting technologies.

“I think the value of this tour is obvious: It gives the average person a REAL opportunity to see where their meat is coming from. It’s not a-he said/she said issue, or what they saw online, or what they read somewhere…it’s an actual real-life chance to see the industry in action so that they are educated and can make their own decisions about how they feel about the meat industry,” shared Chef Wolf. “There is no question that this is a worthwhile use of time. The entire tour from start to finish was well managed, educational, and exceeded expectations. I feel that EVERYONE left the tour knowing more than when they began.”

The Arizona Beef Council’s Gate to Plate tour series for nutrition and culinary influencers is made possible by the Federation of State Beef Council’s Federation Initiative Fund.

Fall Work

While ranching is hard work all year round, often times the most intensive work is done in the fall or spring season here in Arizona. This is the time of year when ranchers wean calves from cows, meaning calves are old enough to eat grass and forage and no longer need nutrients from the cow’s milk. At the same time, other important work can be done, like vaccinating cows to ensure their health into the future as well as vaccinating calves for the same purpose. This also tends to be a time when family and friends get together to work hard and enjoy each others company. Please enjoy this collection of photos from Arizona ranch families and all the hard work they’ve put in this fall.

A special thank you to the the McGibbon, Homack, Garcia, and Lyman families for sharing these beautiful photos with us from your ranches!