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Each farm, ranch, or business involved in any segment of the beef community plays a unique role in ensuring safe, nutritious meat is readily available for both me and you to eat. The first part of the beef lifecycle begins on the ranch. Ranchers maintain a herd of cows who give birth and nurture a calf every year. The first couple months of a young calf’s life are spent gaining nourishment from… Read More

By Shelley Johnson, R.D. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program For decades consumers have been exposed to all kinds of conflicting information about the nutritional benefits of all types of food in the marketplace – this includes beef. Questions about food and health are often generated by emerging – and ever-evolving – science of diet and health. Attention to nutrition began to escalate in the 1970s, when nutrition… Read More

By Dean Fish, Santa Fe Ranch Manager Fall fair season is upon us! Many of us have family members or friends who are getting those fat steers ready for their shining moment in the ring. The way it works in your mind is that the “apple of your eye,” i.e. your kid, is leading the calf that is slapped by the judge as the Grand Champion Steer. This happens once at each… Read More

This week’s blog is not about beef because we know (this may shock you, so make sure you’re sitting down) it isn’t always about beef. Cathy Wilkinson, of BossCook – Comfort Food for an Uncomfortable Time, provided us with this special treat of a blog after a recent celebration took place for Lauren. Thank you to Cathy and Lauren for allowing us to share this special story. And delicious brownie recipe. Sometimes… Read More