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Monthly Archives: June 2016

One of the beauties of ranching is that it takes all kinds of kinds to raise beef and to care for the land. Some folks are born and raised on a ranch and stay there their whole lives. Others take a different path to this way of life. Regardless, the passion and dedication is the same. Meet Pamela Griffin, Arizona cattlewoman and current Arizona State Cowbelle President. You never know when you… Read More

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we love a catchy phrase, so this week we are implementing another one. Fresh Cut Friday won’t be every week, but when something fresh and fun pops up, we’ll talk about it. This week’s feature is one of my all-time favorites. By favorites, I mean talk-about-it-as-often-as-possible-with-whoever-will-listen-long-enough-to-hear-about-it favorite. The Flat Iron. A cut which is shrouded in mystery and misnomers and might be met with blank… Read More

Every summer, the Arizona Beef Council along with agriculture groups and the University of Arizona plan and execute the Summer Agriculture Institute (SAI) program, a five-day tour designed to teach K-12 teachers about food and fiber production and help them incorporate that knowledge into their classroom curriculum. SAI combines hands-on learning about agriculture with practical curriculum development. In fact, today marks the final day for the 2016 program and although survey results… Read More

This week, we are excited to reuse an insightful and wisdom-packed post from one of our personal favorite Facebook pages, Jolyn Smith at Arizona Ranch Reflections. If you don’t already follow this page, we highly recommend you start because she posts some of the most beautiful photos from southern Arizona and then adds incredible knowledge and insight. Learn more about Jolyn below and then enjoy her post! Jolyn Smith is a fourth-generation Arizona rancher… Read More